Shelby Hoyl - DJDFW
Why pay hundreds more?

        Shelby Hoyl (dba A Wedding DJ since 2008) has served North Texas brides over the past decade as their wedding dj. The memories and impressions your reception make on family, friends, and guests last a lifetime. Experience, professionalism, talent, and love shine through Shelby's music to create an evening of joy you will treasure forever. Your perfect enjoyment is his mission. 

Spencer Hoyl - DJ Suspense

        Spencer Hoyl ran lighting for Shelby from 2007 to 2009 and assisted Shelby with weddings and events before djing his own weddings. Since then he played weddings, anniversaries and all the same types of events as Shelby. Spencer also produces music and collaborates with other artists producing music in North Texas. Spencer and Shelby are both dedicated, experienced djs who love what they do and you will too.

        A timeless, classic wedding demands experience and a deep understanding of ceremonial music and appropriate musical selections for dining. Shelby understands these things as well as the nuances of operating systems to maximize the musical environment without overpowering dinner conversations. Behind the decks at weddings since 2007, he can 'read' a crowd and adjust dancing music to move your guests and this is the heart of the art which rocks the party.  Shelby and his brother Spencer dj for other djs since they are the 'go to' guys for weddings.  Timing and situational awareness are hallmarks of a great wedding dj. Shelby pays attention and watches the food lines and the plates and sees who is where and when and often interfaces with photographers with respect to photograph opportunities which may present themselves from planned music selections and the events which take place in receptions. His philosophy make you the focus of the reception. It is your day, for you, with music you love and dancing with your friends and family.

Why pay hundreds of dollars more?
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        In addition to weddings, Shelby and Spencer have been the main gate stage DJs at Six Flags Over Texas and played over ten years in night clubs, all night underground events, lake and beach raves, multiple day festivals and corporate parties. They played anniversaries, schools, rodeos, county fairs, military balls, political events, sweet sixteens, government, police, and charity events, holiday and Halloween parties, mansions, park parties and amusement parks. Their events have included Market Hall, AT&T Stadium and the Texas Motor Speedway and numerous other race tracks around the state.  They have sound systems suitable for intimate parties all the way up to serving tens of thousands of people. Shelby runs sound systems for live bands from time to time. Their broad experience with diverse crowds in addition to weddings always enhances receptions and long experience with weddings makes your special day smooth, easy, and free of worry. Have your party with big sound and a professional who gives your friends what they want! Hire the best and do it at a reasonable price.